Enhanced collaboration Millar & Bryce and Argyll Environmental

Published February 21, 2020

As we continue to see climate changes evolve around Scotland with increased risks of flooding and other environmental impacts, Millar & Bryce continues to accelerate its leading role in providing education and insights into the effects of climate change on the residential and commercial property markets.

Millar & Bryce will accompany its sister company, Argyll Environmental while meeting a number of legal clients in Scotland in order to provide insights into risk assessment services for land and property. Both companies form an integral part of the Landmark Information Group, the UK-wide leading provider of land and property data and information.

Shona Smans, Senior Business Development Manager (Commercial), has been working closely with Argyll Environmental’s Simon Boyle, Environmental Law Director, and Mark Taylor, Senior Consultant. She comments: ‘Knowledge sharing, portfolio diversification and collaboration across the Landmark Information Group is critical. Working with Simon and his team has proven this and has resulted in an action-packed week of visits to our key customers and prospects in Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Being able to show case the environmental solutions that can be delivered by our combined team will be invaluable to our customers as they prepare their clients for the future impacts of environmental changes.’

Simon Boyle adds: ‘We have many good friends in the legal community in Scotland and are looking forward to spending time with them. We provide environmental due diligence and risk assessment services for land and property. Our clients use these to support transactions, redevelopment, corporate decision making, investments and valuations. The services can vary from desktop screening reports through to on-site consultancy work. We can also provide risk management solutions. This allows you to complete your risk management journey in one place. Our services span many market sectors including high-value residential and commercial property, agricultural land holdings, self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and real estate asset management.’

Mark Taylor will join Simon Boyle and provides an in-depth overview into their environmental risk reports, planning services and risk management: ‘As part of the Landmark Information Group, we value the regional customer knowledge and engagement that Millar & Bryce brings. We feel that the combined expertise and portfolio of solutions will benefit our Scottish customers greatly.’

Additional information on the solutions and services provided, can be found https://www.millar-bryce.com/services/ and https://www.argyllenvironmental.co.uk/.

Alternatively, please contact our Customer Success team on 0131 556 1313 or email us at relationship@millar-bryce.com.