Paralegal Modern Apprenticeship Update

Published March 5, 2020

During our week-long activities to celebrate the Paralegal profession, we are also looking at aspiring paralegals, who are at the start of their career.

Four of our employees commenced their Paralegal Modern Apprenticeship earlier in the year and we caught up with Ellie Wilson, Lauren Mole, Andrew Allison and Ailie Morrison as they are working through the course material to gain an industry recognised qualification as a Trainee Accredited Paralegal over the remaining 10 months.

Asked about the first few months of the course, all participants confirmed they were enjoying the combination of work & study. Everyone has been able to fit in the course requirements (time!) and feel they can manage the demands of their roles at Millar & Bryce and working remotely on the course content.

We also heard feedback about the desire to get to the more complex legal chapters; all of the participants feel the knowledge would not only benefit themselves but would also help greatly in the daily communications with customers and colleagues.

Having read the fabulous stories from our 3 finalists for the Paralegal of the Year Award, the team was encouraged to see confirmation of the many options the paralegal profession provides. More updates to follow as the team progresses through the course!


The course is provided through distance learning and quarterly on-site support from Scotia Law Training.