Anti Money Laundering Search

Anti Money Laundering Search

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) has never been more of an issue, with strict new anti-money laundering regulations and laws placing unprecedented demands on solicitors, accountants, estate agents and other regulated businesses, along with the heaviest penalties the industry has so far seen for non-compliance. Designed to meet and exceed UK and international anti-money laundering regulatory compliance requirements, AML Search v4.0 keeps you on the right side of the law, while dramatically reducing the time and cost of compliance.

Setting the standard in CDD

The latest release from the UK’s leading provider of anti-money laundering CDD solutions*, AML Search v4.0 360° Compliance delivers another major advance in the streamlining and simplification of a firm’s CDD procedures by automating customer due diligence, monitoring and record-keeping,

Risk assessments for all – Following the 4th European Money Laundering Directive (EU4MLD), regulated businesses are now required to carry out risk assessments for every client before starting a business relationship. Doing this manually is expensive, time-consuming and requires specialist training. AML Search v4.0 automates risk assessments, freeing up firms to use their time more productively and profitably.

Universal screening – It’s no longer enough to just take copies of clients’ identity documents for simplified due diligence. Automatic exemptions from enhanced due diligence are also a thing of the past. Instead, screening is now required for all clients. In response, AML Search v4.0 provides automated screening of financial sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and alert lists.

Ongoing due diligence – As well as conducting risk assessments at the start of a business relationship, you’re also required to go on monitoring your clients and ensure that your CDD remains compliant. AML Search v4.0 monitors all your risk assessed clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship, automatically alerting you to any of their documentation or data that’s found to be non-compliant.

Enhanced record keeping – Regulated businesses now need to delete their CDD records after 10 years – and to be able to show they’ve done this – or face penalties under the Data Protection Act. AML Search v4.0 avoids the need for dedicated software and archiving systems by automating record keeping and audit, with the secure removal of expired data.

Compliance reporting – Firms need to be able to demonstrate that they’re complying with the new, tougher CDD requirements or suffer the consequences, which now include fines of up £1,000,000 and up to seven years in prison. AML Search v4.0, you’ll be relieved to hear, monitors compliance in real-time, and enables you to generate compliance reports as and when needed.


The M&B difference

Scotland’s premier land and property search experts, Millar & Bryce brings you the latest release from the UK’s leading provider of anti-money laundering CDD solutions.

AML Search has been at the forefront of electronic anti-money laundering CDD for more than 10 years. During that time, AML Search’s user-friendly, robust platforms have helped over 8,000 firms and 18,000 users to reduce the time and cost of carrying out compliant CDD for over 1.6 million clients.

As well as keeping you compliant and saving you both time and money, AML Search v4.0 360° Compliance is:

  • simple to implement – opt for a range of pre-defined risk assessments or set your own criteria
  • cost-effective – with no licence fees, up-front costs or per user seat fees, AML Search v4.0 is a simple pay-as-you-use service that can be treated as a disbursement
  • secure – AML Search v4.0 meets the security requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations, including banking, financial services and government.

* AML Search v4.0 360° Compliance is a product of the Searches Group