Voluntary Registration

Voluntary Registration made easy!

We understand the benefits and challenges of Voluntary Registration. We offer a range of Voluntary Registration services to support solicitors and in-house legal teams. We cater for small, straightforward titles through to complex landholdings with multiple routes of title. We can also provide guidance on title extent challenges and land registration problems and advise on potential solutions.

Our Voluntary Registration services

Provision of New Plan
Identifying the extent of the land to be voluntarily registered is key to a successful Voluntary Registration. We will assess whether the existing title descriptions are adequate and where not, we will create a new plan that will meet the Keeper’s criteria for acceptance.

Plans Reports
We will undertake a Plans Report exercise to identify whether the extent to be registered conflicts with any existing registered titles. For further details, click here.

Title Investigation
It is not unusual for title records to be incomplete or in need of corroboration. We have extensive property search experience and can ensure that all relevant deeds are identified. Our experienced Land Registration team can confirm the extent of the title and, if any deficiencies or anomalies are identified, will work with you to provide a solution for your clients. The team is focused on reducing or indeed eliminating the risk inherent in historical and complex transactions. We will also report our findings and catalogue and provide copies of deeds in such formats as best suit you and your clients.

Site assembly Solution
Our Site Assembly Solution is ideal for those complicated Voluntary Registrations where the land to be registered is the residue of an estate or is made up of various titles. It enables legal teams and other professionals to readily view and identify estate boundaries, identify what has been conveyed from the original extent, to overlay other data and to access the information direct from their computer. We recognise that the client may want to use the creation of a new title plan to support other purposes such as an asset register or for succession planning or estate management and we can tailor the level of detail and format to suit.

Where title conflicts arise, we will carry out an investigation of neighbouring titles to assess the options available for resolution. We advise on the prospects of rectification, how to present such a request to the Keeper and highlight any relevant compensation options.

How do I engage Millar & Bryce for one or more of the Voluntary Registration services?
We advise you to get in touch with one of our experts (contact details below). We will arrange a telephone conversation with you to go through the details of your request. We will provide you with a detailed overview of the proposed services, timelines and charges.

Shona Smans
Senior Business Development Manager (Commercial)
T 07702 769 219

John King
Principal Consultant
T 07513 922889

Graeme Archibald
Land Referencing SME
Mob: 07970 820640

All requests for the preparatory work required to voluntarily register your clients’ titles will be completed by our team of experts, keeping you informed on the progress and providing you with complete confidence of a successful registration. We provide:
• advanced skills and expertise in searching, interpreting titles and preparing plans for Land Registration
• full understanding of the Land Register
• ability to propose solutions when challenges emerge
• bespoke reporting of results which can be in a form consistent with your onward reporting requirements or in a format that is accessible and user friendly to your clients and their wider project teams
• extensive experience of working with rural estate owners, developers, utility providers, public bodies and their respective solicitors and inhouse teams
• professional indemnity cover of up to £10m