Trainee Tour 2020 start with Shoosmiths and Burness Paull LLP

Published January 24, 2020

The Trainee Tour 2020 program has started! We had the pleasure of welcoming 4 trainees from 2 of our customers on Wednesday 22nd January. Kay Cuthbertson and Eliza Stubing from Shoosmiths and David Sharkey and Stuart Dickie from Burness Paull LLP joined us for a morning of information, conversations, demos and a few Danish pastries!

Shona Smans, Senior Business Development Manager (Commercial), is instrumental in the ongoing educational efforts which Millar & Bryce provide to its customers. The Trainee Tour program is one of several initiatives that she leads: ‘Education is an important part of our client commitment and trainees are an integral part of this. The Tour enables us to engage, build and strengthen relationships with them as they embark on the start of their career and educate them on what we do and how we can support them during their developing legal careers. Experiencing how our people work will give the trainees the confidence they can rely on our technology and expertise and also come to us for help.’

Steven Chalmers, Relationship Manager, explains: ‘The Tour covers a wide variety of information as we explain the types of searches we complete, as well as the information that is contained in the reports. We show the data that is used to prepare Plans Reports, Legal Reports, Property Enquiry Certificates, Charges Searches and Personal Searches. Most visitors are surprised to see the level of depth our Searchers will go through, in order to compile a complete and detailed report.’

The final part of the Tour consists of a demonstration of the Site Assembly Solutions tool, which combines traditional searching methods with advanced digital output.

Claudia Ferrari, Relationship Manager, enjoys this part of her role within the Customer Success Team: ‘Meeting the Searchers gives a more personal connection to Millar & Bryce and puts some names to the faces who solicitors may be dealing with on a day to day basis. The trainees get to see the people behind the reports, can ask questions and start to build relationships with our staff. We believe in building partnerships with our customers that are mutually beneficial.’

Feedback from our visitors has been very positive. Hilary Gordon, Professional Support Lawyer at Burness Paull LLP comments: ‘Essentially trainees always see the finished reports and showing them what is involved in the preparation of the reports gives them more context and understanding of what is involved on the Millar & Bryce side. They become enlightened about what is involved in the production of a report. We appreciate the time and effort involved to provide an educational and informative morning!’ Mandy Soppitt, Professional Support Lawyer at Shoosmiths agrees and added how much her trainees Eliza and Kay had enjoyed the experience.