We help you to make informed property decisions.

We are Millar & Bryce – the experts in property searches, title information, conveyancing searches and land referencing right across Scotland.

We get things moving

Simple or complex, for all property queries in Scotland, you can place your trust in Millar & Bryce. Our team gets things moving by providing legal and property professionals with all the title search, mapping and land reference services needed to make better, more-informed decisions.

Why we work this way

We believe rigorous insights make property transactions run more smoothly. So, at Millar & Bryce we combine enthusiasm with almost 150 years of expertise. Combining our rich data, cutting-edge technology with true diligence ensures property professionals can deliver maximum value to their clients.

What we offer you

Insight, confidence, and a competitive advantage. From complex Sasine search to simple registered title checks, land referencing, coal reports, ESG and environmental reports. Millar & Bryce are the right team to assess, identify, analyse and report on every part of the Scottish property transactions.

148 years of service

Our Services

With Millar & Bryce you get

Rapid results

Every time-critical Legal Report continuation is completed, checked, double-checked, and delivered by 9am the next day.
No delays.

Full support

If we say so ourselves, nobody has Scottish property search experience like us. Our team thrives on delivering results quickly and efficiently.

Full service

Because we are part of Landmark information Group, you have access to reports and services related to every aspect of a property transaction.

Proptech benefits

We have invested heavily in tech and designed it around customer needs so that legal and property professionals feel the benefits.

All the data

We are the market leaders in Scottish property transactions, and our clients get access to unrivalled data and insights from nearly 150 years of experience.

Total confidence

From simple searches to complex challenges, our clients trust us to deliver what’s needed, find better insights, and add extra value.

Latest News

Millar & Bryce will keep you informed about changes in our market and in our business.

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