Land and Property


With a heritage of nearly 150 years in identifying and reporting on property ownership, we are well placed to provide assistance in a variety of land and property projects.

We regularly provide help and support in infrastructure, development, land acquisition and compulsory purchase projects.

Our local data, knowledge and experience combined with Landmark’s data assets can provide powerful decisioning tools in any land and property project.

Integrated API Solution with Denovo

Our API connectivity with leading legal case management provider Denovo provides seamless connectivity from inside the Denovo CaseLoad platform for both ordering and return of searches

Land and Property Services


Essential for every property transaction, we provide Legal Reports for all types of land and property, ranging from straightforward registered properties to complex unregistered land and estates or new build developments.

Overseas Entities

At Millar & Bryce we can provide a multi county search which can search the whole of Scotland and across both the Land and Sasine Registers to identify any current ownership.

Row of old stone buildings

We provide a range of services to support due diligence of all types in support of commercial property transactions.


With flood risk an ever-present consideration for many transactions, it is important that property lawyers can draw upon trusted, reliable, insurance-backed resources to support their diligence. The flood and climate change products from our parent Landmark Information Group fulfil this demand.

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A unique and powerful resource from Millar & Bryce that brings together Title information in one place and places you and your clients in control of the information and potential risks, issues and opportunities presented on a site.

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Land referencing is the formal investigation of rights held in land. It includes data relating to factors including ownership, environmental investigation and property rights. It is often supported by additional services such as provision of books of reference, land plans, and notices and schedules.

Residential Shot

Whether you’re looking for a basic screening or full consultant-completed reports, we provide a range of services to support every type of transaction in the residential property sectors.


Establishing definitively who owns a property or piece of ground can be challenging depending on the circumstances. At M&B we have experience to establish ownership even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Better-informed decisions – made easier.

This is the essence of Millar & Bryce. Since 1875, we’ve been a cornerstone of Scottish property. We believe it’s easier to make the right decisions with better informed data, that’s how we deliver extra value. 

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