Financial Asset Search

One simple search that delivers peace of mind to legal professionals and executors during the Executry Administration process

Financial Asset Search (FAS) provides a service to aid private client solicitors in identifying a range of lost, dormant or unknown assets and manages the gathering of information during the Executry Administration process.

Reunification of Unknown Assets

FAS is a single search which provides a notification of death to over 200 financial organisations and requests confirmation of any accounts in the deceased’s name. It identifies assets including pensions, life policies, unit trusts and bank accounts.

FTSE 100 Share Search

Our unique database of shareholder records annually updated from ComputerShare, Capita and Equiniti share registrars, enables us to automatically search records.

Will Search

A partnership with Certainty, the National Will Register, enables us to search a database for the existence of a will and its location.

Trace a wide range of assets, including:

• Personal pensions
• Life policies
• Investment bonds
• Unit trusts & investment trusts
• National Savings & Investments (NS&I)
• Occupational pensions via DWP
• The latest will (registered with Certainty National Will Register)
• FTSE 100 Shareholdings (registered with Capita, ComputerShare & Equiniti).

Unclaimed Assets Register (UAR)

The Experian UAR database holds over four million records of individuals with unclaimed monies and will be included as part of your FAS report.

How can Financial Asset Search (FAS) help?

Our services are designed to help you identify lost, dormant or unknown financial assets and manages the gathering of information during the Executry Administration process. FAS provides due diligence with one simple online search:

  • A single request provides access to multiple searches for complete due diligence
  • Contacts over 200 financial institutions, eliminating the need to write to individual banks and pension funds directly
  • Reduces the risk of fraud by providing a notification of death to financial institutions
  • Protects you, your client and the beneficiaries from assets or debts being overlooked
  • The comprehensive report identifies unknown, lost or dormant financial assets within 28 days, with further monitoring for up to 60 days where necessary
  • A fixed fee (£155.00 plus VAT) search that does not take a percentage of funds you recover

If you are interested to learn more about Millar & Bryce Financial Asset Search service, then please contact our Customer Success Team on telephone number 0131 556 1313 or email at