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Peace of mind during the Estate Administration process available from Millar & Bryce, the land and property searching specialists.


Wills and Executry professionals have many important obligations to fulfil, whether they are acting as an executor or assisting personal representatives. Collating financial information, contacting individual firms, and chasing for a response, can cost private client teams greatly in both time and revenue.

Millar & Bryce are pleased to introduce a new and enhanced Financial Asset Search (FAS) provided by Landmark Information Group.  This now includes current account information to assist tracing live and dormant assets, specifically those otherwise lost or forgotten over the course of an individual’s lifetime, to ensure that they are identified and included in the estate.

Our FAS service, helps to streamline the asset checking process saving law firms numerous hours of administration whilst at the same time giving security that a comprehensive check has been administered, reducing risk for both your firm and your client.

We’ll get all the information you need within 28 days

Financial Asset Search (FAS) provides a range of services to aid the executry process.

Our service will identify unknown, lost or dormant financial assets within 28 days, with further monitoring for up to 60 days where necessary via a comprehensive report. In fact, on your behalf, we contact over 200 financial institutions ensuring a thorough and comprehensive service.

When it comes to cases where the assets are unknown or spread across an estate, particularly relevant with sudden deaths, FAS is an invaluable way of saving time and reducing the chance of potential liability because something has been missed.

Trace a wide range of assets, including:

Personal pensions

Life policies

Investment bonds

Unit trusts and investment trusts

National Savings and Investments (NS&I)

Occupational pensions via the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

The latest will (registered with Certainty National Will Register)

FTSE 100 Shareholdings (registered with Capita, Computershare & Equiniti)

 NEW – Current Account Information Search (CAIS) obtained via Experian CAIS service includes:

 A comprehensive address and name history

A public records search such as bankruptcies and court judgements

Details of all recently held credit accounts, whether open or closed

Our FAS report is more extensive than other searches. It gives our customers the peace of mind that all avenues have been explored. Offered for a fixed fee of £155 + VAT. No additional fees, just a reliable, time-saving service when you need it most.

Contact our dedicated Private Client team via or contact our relationship team on 0131 556 1313 to find out more.

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