Paralegal Modern Apprenticeship started for 4 employees

Published January 7, 2020

Four of our employees commenced their Paralegal Modern Apprenticeship today. Ellie Wilson, Lauren Mole, Andrew Allison and Ailie Morrison will train to gain an industry recognised qualification as a Trainee Accredited Paralegal over the next 12 months, through distance learning and quarterly on-site support from Scotia Law.

Darren Mossman, HR Manager, commented: ‘We are very excited to support our people in their professional development and have found a great partner in Scotia Law to work on the paralegal qualification for 4 of our employees. We are sure they will enjoy the course material and find it challenging at times. We look forward to their feedback and will celebrate their achievements at the end of the course!’

Lisa Jones, Customer Service Team Manager, added: ‘It is big commitment to study while you have a full-time job. It shows the willingness of Ellie, Lauren, Andrew and Ailie to invest time in their own futures, which we love to see in our employees. They will all specialise in Conveyancing which fits neatly into their job responsibilities. I am sure they will do well!’

Scotia Law provides Modern Apprenticeships in Paralegal Practice, allowing legal employers in Scotland to train an employee and gain the qualification and experience as a Trainee Accredited Paralegal. Apprentices can specialise in one of several areas (Civil Litigation, Conveyancing, Criminal Litigation or Executries) and will study through distance learning. Munro McCannell, Managing Director at Scotia Law, noted: ‘We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with Millar & Bryce. Today we had a great session with the 4 apprentices to get the course started. They are keen to learn, had lots of good questions and were all very motivated to do well. We look forward to support them on their journey over the next 12 months.’


Modern Apprenticeship