Site Assembly Solution

Site Assembly Solution

Site Assembly Solution is a unique and powerful resource from Millar & Bryce that brings together Title information in one place and places you and your clients in control of the information and potential risks, issues and opportunities presented on a site.

Product Details

Site Assembly Solution provide full visibility in one clear interactive view: we start with an OS MasterMap base layer, to which we add essential layers of information including ownership, sasine search sheets, SNH classifications, World Heritage Sites and listed buildings. We also include legal document pdfs. You can opt to add data including environmental reports, public rights of way and commercial utility assets. One single view report will be made available online to you and your customers.

An ideal solution to support:

Product Benefits

A. Yes, all searches and mapping in the solution come with Millar & Bryce’s professional indemnity cover of up to £10m for both you and your client

A. Yes, you can give clients access to the secure web mapping site and they can see the same detail as yourself.

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