Environmental Reports Residential

Environmental Reports (Residential)

Whether you’re looking for a basic screening or full consultant-completed reports, we provide a range of services to support every type of transaction in the residential property sectors.

To support property lawyers in their due diligence, we take a dedicated, personal approach, working closely with you to interpret risk and provide environmental and location-based information – we are the experts you can rely on with all of our report outputs covered by comprehensive PI insurance.

Product Details

Product Benefits

  1. What does a Homecheck Professional Report cover?
    Contaminated land assessment, flood screen, ground stability screen, radon, environmental constraints

  2. What additional assurance do we receive from a SiteSolutions Residence report?
    As a manually assessed risk review our consultant will also advise on subsidence-based insurance claims in the area, potential for ground instability and highlight major energy and infrastructure projects impacting the site

  3. What does the Energy & Infrastructure report cover?
    The report includes wind farms, solar farms and renewable energy plants up to 150ha

  4. What are the main benefits of the Plansearch report?
    Uniquely, the report displays data as polygons, providing a realistic understanding of the potential impact, both positive and negative, of a development

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