Executor & Inheritance Protection

Executor & Inheritance Protection Insurance

An insurance solution provided by our partner, DUAL Asset, which protects Solicitors and their clients when you need to distribute an estate but are concerned about the potential legal pitfalls and uncertainties which may affect the process.

Product Details

Product Benefits

* Missing beneficiary, missing Will, disputed ownership of household items, a challenge against the validity of the will, financial claims from unknown creditors, identity fraud, proprietary Estoppel, Inheritance Act 1975 claims, claims from charities, unknown tax liabilities

* claims from beneficiaries named in a will (unless covered as a Specific Risk), claims from HMRC for unpaid inheritance tax and claims from a foreign tax authority, claims from known creditors or persons we might reasonably think you should have made enquiry of before the estate is distributed i.e. heath care providers, identity fraud claims from non-UK nationals, the discovery of a will outside the UK.

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