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Portfolio Services

One process to manage a portfolio of reports for your residental or commmercial properties

Our Portfolio Services has been designed for customers with residential and/or commercial properties that require 10 or more reports.

We understand it can be challenging for our customers to keep track of all search requirements at any one time. Therefore, we have created a simple process to help you manage and meet your client’s expectations through our Portfolio Services.

You, our customer, simply provide us with a list of the properties in the portfolio and the required searches for each. We will take care of the creation of a project plan, alignment of the tasks, agree with you a timeline of execution and complete the required searches and supply these to you in the desired format.

Our Portfolio Services aren’t confined to any particular type of search. From Legal Reports, Property Enquiry Certificates, Plans Reports, Deed Plans and Charges Searches to RCIL Searches, Environmental Reports, Road Adoption Plans and Utility Reports.

Ocean Point

Summary of the Benefits to our Customers

  • Full consultation and detailed quotation before any work commences – you will have a clear understanding of costs and timelines
  • Access to Millar & Bryce’s wide range of search services, including those of Landmark Information Group
  • All services available in one place – no need to involve additional providers
  • Custom Delivery of reports – we offer great flexibility to accommodate your requirements, including the delivery of the search reports and/or data and information in the desired format
  • A designated Portfolio Manager at Millar & Bryce will manage all your queries, provide you with timely updates and will manage the entire process from start to delivery
  • All searches will be completed to your satisfaction by industry experts within our team
  • Peace of mind of our professional indemnity cover of up to £10m for both you and your clients

The Portfolio services team offers you on simple process, however small or complex your request may be.

We understand that some projects can complete within weeks where others take months to finalise. The team will work with you to understand what you need and will delivery it per your specifications – while building a trusted partnership so you can provide the best solutions to your clients.

Contact us on 0131 556 1313 or relationship@millar-bryce.com to request further information or order your first Portfolio!