Site Assembly Solution

Site Assembly Solution

Site Assembly Solution is the first fully online comprehensive land search package for the commercial land sector.

Site Assembly Solution provides full visibility in one clear interactive view: we start with an OS MasterMap base layer, to which we add essential layers of information including ownership, sasine search sheets, SNH classifications, World Heritage Sites and listed buildings. We also include legal document pdfs. You can opt to add data including environmental reports, public rights of way and commercial utility assets. One single-view report will be made available online to you and your customers.


You simply can’t achieve better clarity: unbeatably accurate mapping, data layers that can be instantly added or removed, supporting documentation, all within a single view.


The latest software, allowing amazing capability, flexibility and insight for you and your clients.


All the information that’s needed, presented in the clearest format, to give the best chance of confident decision-making by multiple-party project teams.


Save the valuable weeks taken for traditional searches and save the space that paper documents used to fill.

Site Assembly Solution


Site Assembly Solution conducts searches for:
– Land acquisition
– Land Registration Voluntary registration
– Infrastructure schemes
– Renewable energy development sites
– Flood Prevention Schemes
– Compulsory Purchase Orders
– Asset Management

Reports can be shared with interested parties using a secure web link, reducing the need to travel for face-to-face meetings.

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