Title Insurance

Title disputes can erode fee income. Protect your business.

As a solicitor, your first instinct is to tie down any loose ends and resolve every issue to your complete satisfaction. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible or practical.

Offered in partnership with specialist insurance solutions provider Dual Asset Underwriting (part of the world’s largest international underwriting agency), legal indemnity cover lets you get on with your job, safe in the knowledge that both you and your clients are protected.

Unique, efficient, cost-effective protection for you and your clients

Choose from conveyancing indemnity cover – either on a known/specific risks or all risks basis – and executor and inheritance cover to help with the administration of estates.

Specific Risks Conveyancing Insurance

Buying property can be complex and expensive, with as many as 30% of homes listed failing to meet mortgage lenders’ criteria. Covering a wide variety of risks, Specific Risks Conveyancing Insurance from Dual Asset Underwriting enables you to proceed with confidence and complete on time.

Commonly insured risks include:

  • Lack of title
  • Dispossession
  • Inadequacy of description
  • Breach of title conditions
  • Missing deed
  • Absent landlord
  • Lack/breach of planning permission
  • Lack/breach of listed building consent
  • Lack/breach of building regulation consent
  • Lack of access/services
  • Reserved rights.

Conveyancing All Risks Insurance

No matter how diligent you are, buying property always carries a degree of risk. For a small premium, Conveyancing All Risks Insurance from Dual Asset Underwriting protects you and your clients from the unforeseen, providing complete and lasting peace of mind.

Risks covered include:

  • Boundary structures
  • Boundary positions
  • Seller misrepresentation
  • Preservation orders
  • Unwitting breaches of listing requirements.

Executor & Inheritance Protection Insurance

In today’s increasingly litigious society, administering estates involves not only significant responsibilities, but also potential liabilities. Even the most diligent solicitors and their clients could face claims from known or unknown persons or organisations.

Offered in partnership with Dual Asset Underwriting, Executor & Inheritance Protection Insurance covers a variety of risks including:

  • Claims that the deceased didn’t have the proper mental capacity to make their will
  • A new will being found which changes entitlements
  • Missing beneficiaries appearing and making a claim after the estate has been administered. 

 The Dual Difference

Brought to you by the leaders in land and property searches, specialist legal indemnity insurance from Dual Asset Underwriting (DAU) offers you a host of advantages over and above peace of mind.

As well as keeping the conveyancing process moving and making transactions possible that might not otherwise go ahead, DAU’s conveyancing indemnity cover is quick and simple to use.

Developed specifically for conveyancers in Scotland, the online portal lets you:

  • Compare quotes from leading insurers
  • Combine up to four risks in a single quote/policy
  • Bind your policy in seconds.

Registering with DAU’s executor and inheritance cover service is just as easy and quick.

As well as providing a practical way to get or keep the process moving, Executor & Inheritance Protection Insurance also offers you access to the UK’s only comprehensive probate protection product, covering the wide range of risks that can effect probate and estate administration.

The fact that you can do all this through Millar & Bryce, Scotland’s premier land and property search experts, makes life that little bit easier. M&B – your one stop shop for all things search -related.