Utilities Report

Utilities Report

Designed for environmental and property professionals, this report instils confidence and supports best practice in progressing your project safely.  The Utilities Report is a complete search of all known utility asset owners on site and is delivered in accordance with PAS 128 Survey Category Type D specification and is compliant with desktop survey standards.


Product Details

Product Benefits

*We report three statuses in the report – Affected, where the Utility provider is likely to be affected in the area searched; Not Affected, where there is not likely to be impacted; No Response Received, where at the time of issuing the report no response had been received*

*If at the time of the original report issue there are No Response Received entries we will re-issue the report in full incorporating the new information and continue to do so until the report is complete. There are occasions when Utility companies do not return responses to our enquiries within the original report production deadline.

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